Internship Programme Life as an Intern
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Life as an Intern

Job Title:

Trainee Solicitor
Trainee Placements:Corporate and Litigation

Bachelor of Business and Law, University College, 
Dublin - 2017
FE1s - 2018
PPC1 - 2019

Due to Qualify:2021

Why ByrneWallace?

I began my internship with ByrneWallace in June 2018 and was placed in the corporate department. The first thing that struck me about the firm was the open floor policy. The availability of each and every solicitor, secretary and legal executive created an excellent environment to get to know, and learn from,  everybody on the floor at a level that might not be available in other firms. This environment is really conducive to learning and creating relationships, so it didn't take me long to feel as though I was part of the team.

There was a broad variety of work available to me during my internship. As an intern you aren't pigeon-holed into a specific team working on one repetitive task. The various teams did a superb job of ensuring that I got a taste for the variety of work done in the department from corporate transactions, to life sciences, capital markets, M&A, commercial contracts, GDPR and beyond. Never did I feel overwhelmed or isolated. Each solicitor took the time to explain the background to, and significance of, each task they were asking of me. I felt that I always knew what I was being asked to do and satisfied that I was contributing meaningful work. I was also assigned a buddy trainee and mentor from a more senior position which meant I always had somebody to lean on for guidance.

Further to the firm’s ethos of learning and development, numerous seminars and informal meetings were held, with both internal and external speakers giving their insights into the profession and other topics of interest. This provided me with another opportunity to learn new skills, create relationships with attendees, and gain invaluable insights into ByrneWallace and the profession as a whole from people who have already been through the process.

ByrneWallace encourages a healthy work life balance and offers a range of sports and social activities to aid this. I was delighted to get involved in the weekly 5-a-side soccer matches, and the Solicitor's League. As part of their CSR programme, ByrneWallace partnered with the Solas Project, a not-for-profit organisation that helps young people overcome social and educational disadvantage, empowering them to reach their full potential and further their education. As part of the programme I volunteered to play tag rugby with children from primary schools around Dublin. The internship also coincides with the annual ByrneWallace Summer BBQ which is always great fun and the perfect way to cap-off your efforts from the previous four weeks.

Ultimately I knew ByrneWallace was somewhere I’d love to complete my traineeship and the internship programme proved to be an invaluable gateway to this end. I was offered an interview for a training contract shortly after my internship. Having been a part of the firm and its culture for the previous four weeks I felt particularly comfortable during the interview. This afforded me the opportunity to convey myself in the best possible way (which isn't always easy in interview situations!). I was subsequently offered a contract and in a matter of weeks I began my training in August 2018.