Publications & Insights Maskey Report 2022: Consultant Psychiatrist gives undertaking not to practise medicine
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Maskey Report 2022: Consultant Psychiatrist gives undertaking not to practise medicine

Friday, 22 March 2024

In January 2023, a review into all medical files at North Kerry Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Camhs) (the “Hospital”) was conducted. Concerns were raised in relation to prescribing practices and clinical matters of two medical practitioners, Consultant psychiatrist Dr Claire Craven and a Junior doctor, Dr David Kromer. 

Dr Craven was a supervisor to Dr Kromer whose performance was heavily criticised in the Maskey Report 2022 (the “Report”) following a separate review into the care of children at the neighbouring South Kerry Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Camhs). 

A total of 227 service users diagnosed or treated by Dr Kromer were exposed to the risk of “significant harm” by way of sedation or other issues, including emotional and cognitive blunting, growth disturbance, serious weight changes, metabolic and endocrine disturbance, and psychological distress.

Several of these children have had settlements approved by the High Court under a state compensation scheme.

Subsequently, Dr Craven provided an undertaking to the Medical Council that she will not engage in the practice of medicine at this time. This may ultimately lead to an inquiry into Dr Craven’s practices and procedures relating her provision of childcare services. 

Maskey Report 2022 (the “Report”)

In the Report it had said that while Dr Kromer’s supervisor, Dr Craven, had an excessive workload and supervisory responsibilities, it was “unfortunate” she “did not identify the extent of the poor diagnostic practice, inappropriate anti-psychotic prescribing, and poor monitoring of adverse effects”.

The report also stated that another doctor had raised concerns with Dr Craven that Dr Kromer was “micromanaging patients with medication, rather than looking at psychosocial interventions”.

Dr Craven told the review team Dr Kromer’s prescribing of anti-psychotic drugs was excessive and that she told him to stop this type of treatment in 2019. While the frequency of the prescriptions reduced, it still continued.

You can access the Maskey Report 2022 here

Dr Kromer remains under investigation by the council and has given an undertaking not to practise medicine, not to write any prescriptions and not to hold himself out as a medical practitioner.

For more information on this Report, contact Partner Eoin McGlinchey, Solicitor Kavi Abbi, or Pre-Trainee Holly O'Neill from the Litigation and Dispute Resolution team.