Publications & Insights COVID-19: Emergency Measures to Protect Residential Tenants
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COVID-19: Emergency Measures to Protect Residential Tenants

Friday, 20 March 2020

On Thursday 19 March, the Government approved a series of emergency measures to protect residential tenants who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is expected that the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government will publish the legislation next week, with the aim of amending the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (the “2004 Act”) to give effect to the proposed changes.

The anticipated amendments include:

  • A moratorium on notices of termination for the duration of the crisis
  • A moratorium on rent increases for the duration of the crisis
  • An increase in the notice period for terminating a tenancy of less than six months from 28 to 90 days

It is expected that the legislation will include a "sunset clause" such that the amendments will be temporary in nature, and that after the crisis has ended, residential tenancies will revert to the current legislative arrangements.

The Department has noted that the proposed emergency amendments to the 2004 Act complement the measures announced this week by the five main retail banks, in relation to the flexibility – such as three month mortgage breaks – which will be offered to those with buy-to-let mortgages whose tenants have been impacted by the virus.

ByrneWallace will provide a further update when the legislation has been published.

For further information or advice, please contact Valerie Hourigan in the ByrneWallace Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team

Please note that the content of this summary does not amount to professional advice. Legal and tax advice should be sought in respect of specific queries. The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly and this update is provided on the basis of information available as at 20 March 2020.