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Consumer Law

Retailers and services providers need to be aware of the myriad of rights of consumers when purchasing goods and services both in Ireland and in the EU. 

The way products and services are marketed in the digital age is evolving. It is therefore increasingly important for a business to regularly assess their sales policy to ensure compliance with the relevant legal framework in the consumer law sphere particularly in distance selling arrangements, online advertising, and brand protection. Retailers also need to be aware of the powers of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) in enforcing, investigating and ensuring compliance with consumer law in Ireland

Our Consumer Law Group

Our Consumer Law Group has substantial experience in adding value to our clients’ advertising activities by providing comprehensive legal advice on their marketing strategies. As a result of our involvement in some of the country's largest leading retail developments, we are skilled at handling any issue arising in the retail context. 

Our group assists clients in navigating the requirements most applicable to their commercial practices. Retailers and service providers must understand the restrictions imposed by legislation and critically the enforcement of regulators when planning and entering into advertising campaigns.

We understand our clients' key concern is to avoid negative publicity surrounding a successful conviction. Early engagement and a deep understanding of our clients’ business, as well as receiving ongoing advices and updates on consumer law, are key to ensuring clients successfully avoid such issues or can take the most appropriate action should they arise.

Key legislation we advise on includes:

  • The Consumer Protection Act

  • Product liability legislation, including the Product Liability Act and the CE Marking authorisations required at EU level

  • The Consumer Rights Directive (2014)

  • Sale of Goods Act and the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act

  • European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) (Amendment) Regulations, 2014

  • European Communities (Certain Aspects of the Sale of Consumer Goods and Associated Guarantees) Regulations 2003